THICK black smoke filled the upstairs of an Oxfordshire home after an electric shower burst into flames late on Christmas Day. 

Fire crews attended the fire in Hobby Road, Longford Park, Banbury at 9.54pm yesterday.

The shower, mounted to a wall in the main bathroom of the property, had caught fire resulting in toxic smoke from burning plastic.

Firefighters wearing special breathing equipment brought the fire under control using a high-pressure hose.

A fan was then used to remove the smoke from the property and make conditions better for working in. 

Two fire engines from Banbury fire station attended the incident after the owner was alerted to the fire by a smoke alarm.

Crew Manager Mike Aspinall said: “I would like to thank the owner for his quick actions in calling the fire service and not trying to tackle the fire himself.

"It is important that all households have working smoke alarms and that they are tested every week.”