A COUPLE from Didcot are preparing to enjoy their first Christmas with the child they thought they were unable to have.

Rachel Stone and her fiancé Jake Croft thought they may never be able to have children naturally due to problems conceiving.

But thanks to Oxford Fertility, Miss Stone gave birth to a daughter, Betsy, on New Year’s Day and the family are now excited to spend their first Christmas together on Monday.

Miss Stone said: “We never thought we would be celebrating Christmas with a child and it puts a whole different perspective on the whole thing.

“It’s no longer about us – it’s about Betsy. Although she has no clue what’s going on we want to make it as special as we can.

“Having her makes Christmas so much more special. It makes you appreciate everything you have.”

When Miss Stone was 18 she was diagnosed with primary ovarian failure, meaning her body does not produce enough eggs and she is unable to conceive naturally.

She was untroubled by the news until she met Mr Croft, the man she knew she wanted to have children with.

When she broke the news to him he was supportive and assured her it was not a problem.

From there, the pair went to see a GP to see if anything had changed with regards to Miss Stone's condition.

It had not, and the couple left feeling stuck, only to be contacted a short while later by Oxford Fertility, which specialises in IVF treatment.

They ultimately met a consultant who had them added to the egg donor waiting list.

Just one year later they were brought back and told donors were available. After mutually selecting a donor (by counting to three and pointing at the same time) the eggs were injected with Mr Croft’s sperm before being implanted in Miss Stone’s womb.

After waiting for the longest 10 days of her life, Miss Stone tested the pregnancy.

She continued: “I didn’t take one test, I took five. We lined them up on the dresser and chatted about what we would have for tea that day. I then went quiet as, one by one, the tests confirmed we were going to have a baby.”

Then, on January 1, along came Betsy. The couple, who plan to tie the knot in April, are also hoping to try for a second child in the new year.

She continued: “It has been amazing. I can’t put it into words. I just can’t believe I’m a mother - it’s something I never thought would happen.

“The wider family was so excited when we told them I was expecting. I’ve never seen my mum like that - she was over the moon.”