HEALTH centres and police stations could be funded by developers who will be responsible by building up to 100,000 new homes in the county.

Local authorities could force developers to fork out to make sure new communities are kept safe and healthy under new measures proposed by Cherwell District Council.

If an area's population increased by more than 8,000 people then a new health centre will need to be built – unless an existing facility can be suitably expanded.

The move from the council comes after police Thames Valley Police revealed fears over how it will enforce the law in new housing estates across the county due to a lack of resources.

The force welcomed the measures but said it was 'disappointed' its emergency response capacity would not be boosted by the proposals.

Oxfordshire Fire and Rescue Service has also previously raised concerns that the growth in the number of home and workplaces in the county will see an increased risk in the number of fires and crashes on the roads.

A £215m Government deal that would see Oxfordshire build 100,000 homes by 2031 was struck last week – with £150m going towards infrastructure to cope with the population growth.

But Oxfordshire Growth Board chairman, Bob Price, said it was 'unlikely' policing would benefit from the multi-million pound package Oxfordshire would get over the next five years.

Conservative county councillor for Bicester Town, Michael Waine, who was chairman of the council until earlier this year, said police funding should be left to the Home Office and developers should be asked to contribute in other areas, such as schools or providing green spaces.

He said: "The Home Office should be aware that the county is expanding, it's even part of Government policy, they need to keep themselves up to date and cover extra policing costs.

"I agree we need to get as much money out of developers as possible.

"But local councils should be left to focus on infrastructure needed and in the areas they are responsible for.

"The infrastructure is inadequate for the population at the moment and needs to be focussed on."

Following the concerns of the emergency services Cherwell District Council has drawn up new 'community infrastructure levy' (CIL) proposals for developers to plug a funding gap.

As more than 4,000 of Cherwell's homes could be built between Oxford and Kidlington, Oxford City Council has asked to be kept informed of the measures and how money could be allocated.

The police also recognised the county's planned growth would lead to increased demands in policing Oxford itself.

Cherwell's proposals, agreed by Thames Valley Police, include plans to force developers to fund automatic number plate recognition (ANPR) cameras, vehicles and bikes, and new premises – while the capacity of control rooms could also be increased.

The force welcomed the move but said it was 'disappointed' the provision didn't stretch to its emergency response responsibilities.

Strategic planner, Simon Dackombe, said: "We are disappointed that emergency services, encompassing TVP, have not been identified as part of the draft list.

"For example we have identified that works or adaptations to both Banbury and Bicester police stations will be required to mitigate the impact of growth in the respective areas."

A consultation will now be held on the proposals, which will later be voted on by Cherwell councillors.