A CALL has gone out for people to sign up as B&B-style fosterers for a charity's clever canines.

Dogs for Good, in Banbury, is urging volunteers to come forward to look after their assistance dogs in training, who are destined to make a big difference to people with disabilities.

Volunteers are be needed on a 'bed & breakfast' basis to look after dogs in the evenings and at the weekend, taking them home to have a well-earned rest from their training.

Dogs for Good communications manager Sarah Watson said: " People are always unsure how they would deal with saying goodbye.

"The dogs are all so amazing with a unique personality, you can’t help but love them all.

"The first time I watched the result of the training and absolute commitment from the trainers, I had a tear in my eye and for many it is then when it all makes sense."

People who are thinking of potentially signing up to look after the pups overnight will need to have an enclosed garden and be able to drop the dog off and pick it up from the Dogs for Good centre in Blacklocks Hill.

The charity will provide volunteers with everything they need for the dog, which will be training to become an assistance dog or community dog to help people with disabilities.

Ms Watson said: "Dogs for Good makes life changing differences for people with disabilities.

"The charity’s assistance dogs support adults and children with a range of disabilities, and children with autism.

"It also trains activity and therapy dogs to work with specialist handlers in communities and schools helping adults with autism and people with learning disabilities amongst others.

"Our Family Dog Team gives specialist training advice and support to help families of a child with autism to leverage support from their pet dog."

Potential should be able to exercise dogs as required, not leave the dog for more than a four hour period and have no more than two pet dogs.

They would be expected to look after the dog for about 16 to 18 weeks.

For more information visit dogsforgood.org