CROWDS sang a famous One Direction hit outside Banbury's Horton Hospital this evening in protest of cuts to the midwifery service. 

Hundreds of people - including new mums and expectant mums - gathered outside the hospital entrance to protest at the proposed cuts. 

Oxford University NHS Foundation Trust, which runs the unit, said it was planning to make it midwife led by the end of September if more staff were not found. This means any women experiencing difficulties would have to go elsewhere as no specialists would be on site. 

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Chairman of Keep the Horton General Keith Strangwood said: "We are trying to raise public awareness. 

"Anyone with a low risk birth - and there's no such thing as a low risk birth - they might have to be transferred to the JR in the middle of labour. And in rush hour that could take up to three hours. 

"It's absolute madness."

Expectant mum Sophie Streeton, 31, from Banbury is due in September and said she finds it "scary" that she might not be able to give birth in her hometown. 

She said: "As much as I want a natural birth, the idea that any complication could mean a 45 minute trip to the JR is terrifying." 

As part of the protest campaigners had created a special song to the tune of One Direction's "History" which they sang on site.