Saturday also boasts the return of superb Classic Clapton. Way more than a tribute band, the rock institution, also established in the 1960s, has sold out Banbury’s Mill twice.

They perform their first gig at The Theatre, Chipping Norton. “It’s a small, intimate venue, almost like you’re playing to an audience in one room,” says Eric’s talented doppelganger Mike Hall. “And with us, our show has always been very much as much about the audience as it is about us.”

Unlike Clapton himself, who can be a somewhat taciturn live musician, the band have won rave reviews for their banter as well as spot-on takes on classics such as Layla, I Shot The Sheriff, Cocaine and Tears in Heaven in a friendly two-hour set.

And, having won worldwide acclaim from musicians, festival crowds and Old Slowhand himself (whom Mike has met twice) it’s sure to be a good night. “We joke that there are three sets to this show: the first set, the second set and the Chipping Norton set,” adds Mike. “We’re not sure whether David Cameron, Jeremy Clarkson and buddies will be in the front row. As for Eric, well you never know.”

Classic Clapton play The Theatre, Chipping Norton on Saturday at 8.15pm. Tickets £13-15. Call 01608 642350.