A swashbuckling comedy adventure comes to The Mill, Banbury tomorrow (Friday).

A historical epic spoof inspired by the legend of The Scarlet Pimpernel and it is going to be one of the most entertaining evenings this summer.

Theatre company Gonzo Moose is out on the road with I’m an Aristocrat, Get Me Out Of Here!

“This is a fabulous historical epic along the lines of the classic swashbuckling movies of Douglas Fairbanks and Errol Flynn,” said the Mill’s programme manager, Deborah Clarke.

“It’s set in revolutionary France and is a really action-packed spectacular with wonderful costumes and a hilarious script, all served up by the brilliant actors.”

I’m an Aristocrat is full of slapstick, irreverent humour, verbal wit and magical illusion.

The audience will be amazed at the elaborate sword fights, heart-wrenching love scenes and, death-defying French accents!

Set in Paris in 1792, revolution is grips the city and the secret police march traitors to their deaths. No one is safe; everyone is a suspect.

Paris needs a hero, someone who can deliver it from this terror and restore freedom and justice.

Will the evil head of secret police Citizen de Rien discover the identity of the plucky leader of Les Petits Pois, a movement dedicated to rescuing the unjustly imprisoned during the reign of terror?

Mark Conway, Lauren Silver and Jonathan Peck play over 20 roles in 75 minutes of fast-paced fun and thrilling action. Tickets £12 (£10 concessions). Show 7.30pm. Call the box office 01295 279002 or go to www.gonzomoose.co.uk