YOUNG musicians taking part in this year's Chacombe Music Festival are invited to a week-long music residency prior to the event.

The festival is now in its seventh year and those involved will stay in Chacombe, near Banbury, for a week and will be able to work together and rehearse in a restored barn in the village.

It is the first time a residency has been part of the music festival.

The barn, at Silver Street, belongs to Cherry Large and was restored as a space for creative young artists to use in memory of Mrs Large's daughter, Sophie, an idea she had shortly before she died in a car accident in 1998.

It is equipped with a grand piano and has been used on a number of occasions by young musicians and actors.

This year's festival will kick off with live music at the George and Dragon pub in Chacombe, on Friday, June 15, followed by a celebration of youth and humour at the parish church on Saturday, June 17, with a coffee concert by the Lendvai string trio at the church on Sunday afternoon and A Romantic Inspiration concert, also at the church, in the evening.

More information about the festival is available from organisers Nigel and Juliet Bankes on 01295 750500.