KATRINA Thornton talks to Guide entertainments writer Katherine MacAlister about her classic Fiat 500

What type of car is it?

Classic Fiat 500 (the original bubble car)

When did you buy it?

Just now

How much did it cost?


Why did you buy this particular car? (did you want to impress the neighbours? have a car that reflects your personality? it was cheap?)

It’s always been my dream car, since I was a little girl. Just took me a while to save up...

What do you like most about it?

What’s not to like? It’s tiny. I can’t fit any of my kids in it. It’s red and it’s got a sunroof. Bring on the summer! As for the parking, I can park head on. Perfect for girl’s night’s out.

What irritates you most about it?

It doesn’t have a heater as the engine’s at the back. And it doesn’t have any wing mirrors so joining the motorway is interesting.

Is it good value for money?

It costs £20 to fill up which lasts for ages

Does it have a name?

Up (numberplate related)

What is your favourite memory of the car?

Everyone waves at you when they drive past.

And your worst?

Picking it up from Hampshire in torrential rain and driving it back to Oxfordshire was a challenge. It doesn’t go above 50 mph so I was quite stiff when I got home.

If you could own any car, what would it be?

This one

What was your first car?

A VW Beetle which I learnt to drive in. Student heaven, although it was so rusty you could see the road passing by under your feet.