Vehicle information firm HPI has come up with a few tips to squeeze a few more miles out of every gallon of fuel.

The firm is supplying a CO2 certificate, highlighting the level of CO2 emissions a vehicle creates, with every information check it carries out.

The check will tell you if a used car you are interested in buying is recorded as stolen, has outstanding finance owing or has been ‘written-off’ by an insurance company Follow these steps to greener motoring:

  • Look at the fuel you use. Diesel is more energy efficient on longer journeys than petrol.
  • Reduce clutter – an extra 50lb of weight reduces the fuel economy of your car
  • Having correct tyre pressures can reduce petrol costs by up to 10%.
  • Avoid kangaroo starts and over-revving.
  • Maintaining a steady speed, and sticking to the speed limit helps maximize fuel economy and minimize emissions
  • Sudden stopping and starting in traffic queues uses more fuel, producing more CO2. Anticipate the flow of traffic.
  • Idling increases emissions by 13% - switch off the engine if you’re likely to be stationary for more than 3 minutes.
  • Driving in the highest appropriate gear and changing gear early helps to boost fuel economy by up to 10%.