Triple Olympic champion Jason Kenny admits he has had to bulk up to keep pace with the changing dynamics of the men's sprint.

Kenny won gold in both the team and individual sprint at London 2012, having been selected ahead of Sir Chris Hoy for the latter, having taken his first Olympic gold in the team event four years earlier.

But the 26-year-old Bolton boy was jolted back to reality in the World Championships at Cali in March when he was edged into fifth place.

All of the men who finished above him there were heavier, more powerful riders than Kenny.

Having failed to beat them in Colombia, Kenny's next plan is to join them by tipping the scales when he rides for Team England at next week's Commonwealth Games in Glasgow.

"I was fifth at the Worlds and everyone in front of me was bigger, the average was probably 10 kilos more than me," he said.

"A lot of big guys are winning races now so I have to kind of step up and match that.

"I've had to gain a bit of weight and strength because the landscape's changing a bit in sprint racing.

"Since the World Championships I've gained four kilos and that doesn't sound a lot but it is for me because I'm really consistent with my weight.

"Right now is the heaviest I've ever been but you have to gain useful weight. You do put a bit of chub on, it's impossible not too, but I try and overshoot then come back down again."

Kenny and girlfriend Laura Trott, who also hopes to be among the medals for Team England, made some waves in recent weeks for suggesting the Commonwealth Games did not feature too high on their agendas.

He does not deny that remains the case, but is warming to the task ahead of him - as well as the chance to complete a hat-trick of Olympic, World and Commonwealth titles.

"I always try to be honest. Laura and I were honest when we said the programme wasn't funded for the Commonwealths, it's funded for the Olympics.

"Individually we're funded for the Olympics too and that's just the truth.

"When you look at the programme sat in an office or at a team meeting that's all that matters, but when you start training and put the fast wheels on these things get a bit more serious and come race day this will be really important.

"Ideally I'd like to complete the set with Commonwealth gold because that would be the three major championships - Olympics, Worlds and Commies for me."