Jenson Button believes an emotional Lewis Hamilton could potentially destroy Nico Rosberg at the next grand prix in Canada if history is anything to go by.

After three years together as McLaren team-mates from 2010-12, Button would like to believe he understands what made Hamilton tick and how he operated.

Hamilton readily concedes he wears his heart on his sleeve, and he did so again over the course of the Monaco Grand Prix weekend.

The 29-year-old initially suggested team-mate Rosberg had deliberately denied him pole position on Saturday, despite the stewards clearing him of any wrongdoing.

Claiming pole proved vital as Rosberg went on to spearhead Mercedes' record-equalling fifth successive one-two, yet Hamilton totally snubbed the German during the podium ceremony that followed.

Rather than hiding his emotions, Hamilton made it abundantly clear by his body language and short answers in the post-race press conference when asked about his relationship with Rosberg that he felt aggrieved.

According to Button, while Hamilton may be feeling hurt now, he has no doubt that come the next race in Montreal early next month he will likely leave Rosberg in his tracks.

"It is interesting to see how things have changed with the incident (in qualifying) on Saturday," Button told Press Association Sport.

"Whether Nico did it on purpose or not - Lewis is going to think he did - that is the way it is when you are team-mates pushing hard and fighting for a world championship.

"Breaking Lewis' run of wins has really helped Nico's championship. Is Lewis strong enough to come back? I really do think he is.

"He is quite an emotional character and he will be quite hurt, but he will come back stronger than ever.

"I think you will see a more determined Lewis at the next race, I really do. It is a circuit he loves.

"I remember with Lewis when we had a tussle in a race, or there was an issue between us or with him and the team, he would have a really bad race and be quite outspoken and emotional about it.

"But the next race he would destroy me. He would come back stronger than ever, so the mind games people play on him will not work.

"If there are any games going on - which I don't think there are - he will be on it next race, he will be very strong.

"I remember in Spa (Belgian Grand Prix in 2012), we had the issue of running different downforce levels and he did not like that, which hurt him that weekend, but he came back and won the next race.

"He is very good at turning it around and coming back because he is a superb driver, very fast and he can wrestle a car around a circuit."

Mercedes motorsport boss Toto Wolff has promised the fans he will not stop Hamilton and Rosberg from racing one another despite the issues that occurred in Monaco.

"We are sitting down with each of them regularly and we are talking about things," Wolff said.

"I guess we owe it to the teams, and to the fans in general, that we keep them racing.

"This is a bit more stressful for the team to manage the situation.

"But I don't want a situation where we freeze the order throughout the race. That is not what F1 is all about, therefore we have to manage the consequence.

"The consequence is from time to time we have to recalibrate them and discuss where we can improve, be it in our internal communication or external communication."

After seeing a 25-point lead following the Australian Grand Prix cut to a three-point deficit, Rosberg is now back in front again by four points.

The duo's nearest challenger is Fernando Alonso for Ferrari who is currently 61 points down, while in the constructors' standings Mercedes are 141 points ahead of Red Bull.

As far as Button is concerned, with still 13 races remaining, the titles are all but over for this year.

Button said: "They are so far in front they will have to wipe each other out for anyone else to have a chance."