Jenson Button does not believe Nico Rosberg will fall prey to Lewis Hamilton's mind games this season.

Button knows only too well how Hamilton ticks following their three years together at McLaren from 2010-2012.

In what appears to be a clear battle of the Mercedes team-mates for this year's Formula One world title, Hamilton seems to have already started employing psychological tactics with Rosberg.

Although victorious in the last four grands prix, Hamilton claimed at the end of two of those Rosberg was faster and he was lucky to win in the wake of holding off the German.

Button is wondering whether Hamilton is trying to get inside the head of Rosberg and make him doubt his own pace and car.

"I am sure there will - if there aren't already - be mind games going on. There were a few things he played on me," said Button.

"It would work on some drivers, whereas others it just makes them stronger because they laugh it off.

"Nico is intelligent to know if Lewis is playing mind games or not, which in some ways could help Nico or harm him. He might just end up getting fed up with it.

"But Lewis is fully of confidence at the moment and he is a fierce competitor when he is like that, even when he is not having a good day."

Whilst Hamilton may also be attempting to draw Mercedes' focus on to himself rather than Rosberg, Button is confident the Brackley-based team will continue to deal an even hand to both of their drivers, as has been the case so far.

"The thing is with that team is because they are going to walk away with it - I know we are only five races in, but they have such a big lead - they're not going to favour just one driver," added Button.

"They will let their drivers race because they need to keep the show going, and we need them to keep the show going and let both drivers race.

"So there is no point trying to get the team behind you because they won't. I think they will be very fair, and they need to be for the sport."

With Mercedes dominating the year, with five straight victories and four successive one-twos, Button believes Mercedes could yet make history and become the first team to win every race in a season.

"I would be amazed if another car wins a race this year," remarked Button.

"Maybe Red Bull might in Monaco (next weekend) because that circuit is not about power.

"But it is going to be tricky for anyone (other than Mercedes) to win a race, and if they do then they have done a bloody good job catching up."