Four women who chained themselves to the pulpit in London's St Paul's Cathedral have ended their protest.

The women, from the Occupy movement, interrupted a service on Sunday, shouted a list of grievances against the cathedral and read part of the Bible.

The service was then allowed to continue as the women, one in a wheelchair, remained chained to the ornate, carved pulpit under the cathedral's famous dome.

Their demonstration came as the anti-greed Occupy group marked the first anniversary of the start of its camp outside the cathedral.

The women said their action had been a success.

One of them, Siobhan Grimes, 25, who works for an environmental charity, said: "I chained myself to the pulpit in St Paul's Cathedral in protest about women's economic inequality. As a Christian, I know that my faith teaches through the example of Christ's radical action to protect the poorest and most vulnerable members of society."