A think tank has called for action to make sure the Olympics leaves a lasting legacy which boosts the UK economy.

Centre for Cities said London should draw on lessons from previous host cities such as Sydney and Barcelona, otherwise the legacy could fall short.

The group drew up a five point plan, including continued financial support for projects, a "clear vision" for future use of the Olympic Park, and help for people in east London to find jobs.

Alexandra Jones, chief executive at Centre for Cities, said: "The Olympics and Paralympics have been a great success. Now the work begins to make that success last not just for one generation, but for many.

"There are many lessons we can learn from previous Olympic cities. What unites those that had a successful legacy is a robust and consistent strategy to make the best of the opportunities that the Games can bring to the whole city.

"A long-term commitment to the Olympic Park is also vital to attract private investment and build on the Olympic regeneration effort.

"However an understanding of the limits of Olympic legacy is essential too. Continued investment in physical regeneration is only part of the story.

"For the people of Stratford and surrounding boroughs to benefit, a separate and complementary focus on skills and education is crucial."