IAN Lenagan does not believe a new director is needed at Oxford United, but is interested in setting up a body which would provide advice to the board.

The new layer is not viewed as an urgent priority, but is something the U’s chairman believes would add value to the decision-making process.

He said: “It would be a way of bringing people in, maybe half a dozen, maybe including supporters’ representatives, who can actually give us more input in terms of the club.

“At that level I could find that quite useful, from people who you know to be reasonable and sensible, without axes to grind.”

The prospect of adding new executive directors to the board was raised in October, following Kelvin Thomas’ decision to step down and Jim Rosenthal’s resignation.

Lenagan has not ruled out recruiting a new face to the boardroom, but as it stands does not feel it is necessary.

He said: “I don’t feel the need to have another board director.

“I only want directors who contribute and we don’t particularly see the need for one at the moment.

“But if in 12 months’ time from the expanding universe of sponsors, business and season-ticket holders if someone comes along then it’s quite possible we could take them on board.”

Lenagan also cleared up the reason behind Woodstock Partners Limited, who own 89 per cent of United, being sent a First Gazette notice by Companies House this week.

The move is taken if companies are believed to be no longer in operation, but was triggered in this instance due to the late submission of accounts.

Lenagan said: “I can assure you there’s absolutely no threat to Woodstock Partners, because there’s only one person who is owed money by them largely and that’s me.

“Submission of accounts late does happen.”