TRANSFORMING the Kassam Stadium from a football to rugby ground can happen in just an hour and a half.

And these photos and the accompanying timelapse video, taken by our picture editor Jessica Mann after Oxford United’s home game against Gillingham on Saturday, show how.

It’s literally minutes after the full-time whistle blows that the three-strong groundstaff from the Sports Maintenance Ltd start removing the football goals.

Steve Honey, Darren Varney and Rory Moore then set about repairing the holes that the football posts were in, and preparing the other set of holes to put up the rugby posts.

It’s a real case of teamwork as the posts are hoisted into place, before the trio fix the crossbar into place.

Then it is onto the lines.

The football pitch markings need to be painted over in a green paint to ensure they are as hidden as possible, before a start is made on the rugby pitch.

The darkness begins to descend by the time the men are finished – and Oxford United’s home is now London Welsh’s.