OXFORD United supporters may have felt like getting their heads examined over the years – and that is exactly what researchers want to do for a new study.

A team at Oxford University is carrying out experiments to find out how supporting a particular club affects various brain functions.

They especially want to see how the passion for their team impacts on memory and perception.

Some supporters have taken part already, but more are required for the tests, held at Oxford’s John Radcliffe Hospital.

Participants need to be U’s fans, aged 18-35, right-handed, fluent English speakers and must also have no neurological condition or claustrophobia.

The experiments take less than an hour and do not involve any strenuous or dangerous activities.

Anyone who takes part will be paid £20.

For more details, email Zahra.moradi@psy.ox.ac.uk or call Zahra Moradi on 07703 563232.