MATT Bevans is thankful to defensive colleague David Hunt’s encouragement during his run in the Oxford United side.

Injuries to Jake Wright and Michael Raynes have opened the door for Bevans to play in the last three games.

The right back has performed well and is grateful to Hunt, whose form and fitness, have kept the 20-year-old out of the side.

He said: “The senior players are always talking during the game, giving you information to make sure you’re concentrating.

“It really helps. Hunty speaks to me quite a lot because he’s the closest on the pitch.”

Bevans’ only senior experience before this run came in two FA Cup games in December.

But after coming through multiple league games, the defender feels part of the first-team.

“Massively, firstly I feel relieved that I’ve done a job and played well,” he said.

“Secondly, you feel more part of the team and feel like you can interact more.

“It’s just feels as though you are contributing.”

Bevans joined United’s inaugural development squad in the summer following his release from Watford.

He joined fellow youngsters Josh Ruffels and Callum O’Dowda in the side for Tuesday’s 1-1 draw at Bury.

He said: “The club wants to bring young players through.

“It’s great for them to have three under 21 players in the starting XI away from home and getting a good point.”