FOR many young people, traditional sport seems a bit boring or just leaves them cold.

But one new charity in Oxford is aiming to put the fun back by bringing skating, roller hockey and other alternative activities into schools and communities.

Sport for Streets manager Dave Edwards said: “The whole ethos of our charity is that a lot of kids are deemed ‘not sporty’ at school. I know, I was.

“But then I started playing roller hockey and eventually I played for Great Britain, taught children how to play and it became my whole life.

“We want to show these kids that they just haven’t found the right sport yet.”

The charity was set up in January and has since worked with more than 2,000 children across the county.

It currently runs a street hockey project in schools including Longfield School in Bicester, Chipping Norton School and North Kidlington School and holds sessions at Witney's Windrush Leisure Centre.

It was also recently awarded a grant to kickstart growth in street hockey across the region.

Mr Edwards said: “There have been a lot of cuts to school sports recently and schools just can’t afford to try new things.

“So we go in for a taster day where we get to as many children as we can, and then we can start after-school clubs, as the demand is always there.”

The charity also runs sessions in circus skills and skating across the county.

It is currently in the process of converting an old ambulance into a ‘multi-sports vehicle’, including a DJ desk, state-of-the-art sound system and sporting equipment. Children can even film themselves skating through head cameras and watch it on screens.

The charity, based in Yarnton, was set up by local entrepreneur Richard Gregory.

It is funded through grants and with a donation from his company Ovation Systems.

The charity is on the hunt for more interested schools and volunteers.

For more information, email Mr Edwards on