HUNDREDS of public sector workers from Oxfordshire will join a march against the cuts and the Coalition Government at the weekend.

The march, called ‘A future that works’, is being organised by the Trade Union Congress in central London on Saturday.

More than 500 public sector union members, including nurses and other healthworkers and teachers, will travel from Oxfordshire to take part.

Oxfordshire Unison member Ian McKendrick said: “I am a nurse with 24 years’ service, and I am disgusted with plans to cut £20bn off the NHS and sell off large parts to be run for profit.

“I will be one of the 500 people travelling on the Oxfordshire trade union transport to join hundreds of thousands to march against the worst attacks on working people since the end of the Second World War.”

The Government has claimed the public sector cuts— to health, children’s services, and social care — are necessary to reduce the budget deficit.

Last week the Oxford Mail revealed some local health bosses accepted £10,000 pay rises because they felt the pay increases ‘addressed market relativities’.

Mr McKendrick added: “The Government say cuts have only just started, and we are told there is no alternative – yet bankers get massive bonuses and top bosses get pay rises it would take decades for the rest of us to earn.

“Without huge pressure they will carry on steamrollering working people and the vulnerable.”