ONE of our 12 jobseekers has now got a job and – thanks to our We Want To Work campaign – another has an interview for next week.

Monica Montanari, 48, from Blackbird Leys, was due to be featured in our campaign, but has this week bagged a job at Sainsbury’s in Littlemore.

Jacob Ayres, 21, from Iffley, is busy preparing for his interview with cleaning company AYS Cleaning after they read his profile in the Oxford Mail earlier this week.

And a company looking for carers is among the firms who have been in touch about our jobseekers.

Voluntary organisations Oxfordshire Community and Voluntary Action and Pathway Workshop in Blackbird Leys have also contacted A4e about volunteering opportunities.

Allan Potter, business leader at A4e, said: “We are very pleased with the campaign so far and we are pleased with the responses we have had.

“We can see the positive affect it is having on the candidates as well and the campaign has shown that employers are interested in them.

“We are hoping that this is just the start of employers contacting us.”

And Brian Bloomfield is relieved to be back in work six months after being made redundant.

The Abingdon 19-year-old- made redundant from his customer service assistant role after the store he worked for went into liquidation in March – was due to be featured in the Oxford Mail’s ‘We Want To Work’ campaign before he found employment through A4e.

His advisor, Lorraine Ousley, spotted an advert for a sales assistant at Oxford Audio in Park End Street and he was offered an interview.

Although the job went to someone more experienced, Ms Ousley highlighted that the business could employ Brian through the Youth Wage Incentive – a government programme aimed at supporting young people into full-time work.

Employers who recruit an 18-24-year-old taking part in the Government’s Work Programme can receive payments of up to £2,275.

Mr Bloomfield, who is studying for an engineering degree during the evenings at Oxford Brookes University said: “For quite a while it didn’t seem like I was doing much, but A4e pointed me in the right direction to this place and helped me get a job, so it was worth it.

“When I heard I got the job I was quite happy and quite relieved that I have a routine again.”

David Topliss, business consultant for Oxford Audio, said: “It is working out fantastically, Brian is really good – we have been really impressed.”

  • Businesses can find out more about the Youth Wage Incentive programme by calling 0808 208 2123 or visit