WHEN Christine Crook uploaded her gorgeous holiday snap of a crystal clear cove to the camera club Facebook page, the website helpfully tagged it as 'Drayton'.

With all due respect to Facebook's clever tagging, it's probably safe to say we're not in Drayton any more.

In fact this week we're in Norfolk, Land's End, Wales, Florida, Russia, Gran Canaria and Sydney – anywhere except Drayton, in fact.

If you weren't in summer holidays mood before, you will be now.

For those who love nothing more than a traditional seaside sojourn in August, we've got it covered: from Great Yarmouth, Becca Collacott provides the classic cartoon cut-out shot; in Pembrokeshire, Lucas Janse van Vuuren has captured small boys building sandcastles, and Dawn Tivnan sent in this perfect pic of her granddaughter Abbi running up the beach towards her 'with a very large piece of seaweed'.

Going slightly further afield, Michelle Barber captured the magic of Walt Disney World, Florida, with this family selfie.

She told us: "Just got back to our hotel from watching the happily ever after firework display at the Magic Kingdom – amazing!!"

Ian White got a cracking picture of what he described as 'Local Romeos chatting up street entertainers' in St Petersburg, Russia, while Jim Jutton captured a different side of Sydney's famous Bondi Beach with this pensive shot he called 'The Wave Watcher'.

One of the most thought-provoking shots this week came from Bob Girling.

On first glance, it's a pretty traditional day out on the beach: from the puffer jackets and jumpers one would guess we're back in Blighty.

But when you look closer, you realise every person in the photo is admiring the view through an electronic device.

Mr Girling did not comment on the changing habits of holidaymakers, but simply titled his picture 'Capturing the Moment'.

Finally this week, we have snuck in one photo of Oxford, though you might not recognise it at first.

Alan Flash Coleman sent in this slightly hallucinogenic shot of the sign at Oxford Station and captioned it: "Summer holidays are good, but... it's great to get home."

It's not clear why it looks like he's seeing home through the bottom of a tumbler – perhaps he's only dreaming of Oxford while he's far, far away...

Well, why don't we take that as our cue? Next week we want your pictures of Summer at Home: making ice lollies in the freezer, having hose fights in the garden, long walks down country lanes and barbecues on the terrace.

Just don't get any ketchup on the camera.

Happy snacking. I mean snapping.