A TEENAGER who wrote about her mum's cheating ex-boyfriend is up for a chance to record her song with a platinum award-winning producer.

Cara Leach entered the Write and Shine competition run by pen company Bic "for a laugh", then realised it was a perfect fit for her.

The Yarnton teen had already started writing the lyrics to her song ‘On to Another’ and was excited to learn the contest did not need her to play an instrument.

Now she is in the final four of the competition and needs the public to vote for her.

If she wins, she will not only get to record her song with award-winning producer Andy Whitmore, she will also get to perform on the main stage at West Oxfordshire's Big Feastival this month alongside Olly Murs.

The 19-year-old said she could not believe she had made the top four and thought it must be a joke when she took the call.

She said: "Someone called me a couple of days ago. I was so excited and I could not stop smiling and I couldn’t stop laughing because I thought it was a joke.

"I just feel really happy someone’s listened to my song and really likes it. I never showed anyone before."

Ms Leach writing the song after her mum's last relationship ended to help get the experience off her mind.

The lyrics ‘drink down the pub with your non-existent brother’ were inspired by her mum's cheating ex.

She revealed no one had read her lyrics or listened to her sing her song before she entered the competition.

She said: "The song is about my mum who was in a relationship with a really horrible person.

"It really affected everyone who lived with this person and made me really angry at the time. Now because she’s not with him anymore I thought I’d finish the song.

"I’d been writing the song for ages and finished it when I saw the competition on the Musical Bethan YouTube channel and just thought I’d have a go."

After performing in plays and musicals since the age of five, she now hopes she might have a real chance to go pro.

She added: "I’ve just finished a performing arts course in college and eventually I’d like to have a singing career.

"I’ve been in a couple of plays with college, done musicals and performed in front of audiences but nothing big. The biggest audience was 100 people: I played a Swedish woman and had to sing a really weird song but it was fun.

"Just to know people think it is good is the best feeling ever. It means a lot because of what the song means to me."

Vote for Cara at facebook.com/mybicpenUK until Friday, August 18.

The Big Feastival runs August 25-27 on Blur bassist Alex James’s farm in the Cotswolds.