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Live Blog covering the General Election and council elections in Oxfordshire and across the country

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Banbury Cake: Photograph of the Author

Jason Collie, Assistant Editor


    Ian Middleton - Green Party Candidate for The Banbury Constituency 12:50pm Thu 7 May 15
    Lots of tweets coming into me from Green voters in Banbury, which has been good to hear so early on.
    Score: -4
    072014 9:30pm Thu 7 May 15
    I went to vote at Witney, but was put off my the party mafia camped inside.

    Why are these parasitic idiots allowed to congregate in the entrance of a polling station???
    Score: 1
    the wizard 5:25pm Thu 7 May 15
    Double Dip Dave, over seen a rise in the deficit in true terms, a rise in the debt having borrowed more than Brown and Blair combined in less than half the time, failed on the no if's, no but's no maybe's on immigration and now has three busy food banks feeding the poor in his constituency.
    Un employment replaced by zero hours contracts pushing more people into poverty. tax relief and breaks for the rich as opposed to collecting taxes to pay off debt and invest in infra structure. Roads crumbling, NHS in dire straits after his disastrous re organization, pensions free for all and City investors reaping a massive pay day, Royal Mail sold off for a pittance to his mates.

    No if's, no but's, no maybes, this man looks after the rich and to hell with the rest. No room for middle Britain if he gets returned to office. I do really hope that the Scots come back to return the favour he did them, and this time it's their turn to stab him in the back, politically.
    Score: 0
    Thurston Howell The 3rd 6:10pm Fri 8 May 15
    With the greedy Tories back in power, anyone less than mega rich are doomed.......again. Give it a year or two and the usual corruption will kick in. Lying, greedy, slimy Tory gits.
    Score: 4
    Alex Oxford 11:19pm Fri 8 May 15
    According to the 2012 Census and the list of current Oxford City Councillors the Jewish community in Oxford have 11 times more representation in the City Council per head of their population than Christians! And 15 times more than the Muslims! Surely this can't be in line with democracy. Is the system going wrong somewhere? Did the Tories get in again playing similar tricks with "democracy"?
    Score: 1

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