IT IS THAT time of year when we begin the passage from summer into winter via the the vibrantly coloured walkway of autumn.

As the leaves turn from greens to oranges and browns, it can remind us of the ever moving cycle of the earth and, indeed, our own lives.

Yet, while some of these autumnal changes can bring with them a reminder of our mortality, we must not forget that this is also the time of incredible production: the harvest.

The growing season has again come to an end and it is time for us to enjoy the fruits of our labour – or, as is probably more likely these days, somebody else's had work.

Oxford Mail Camera Club members have once again delivered perfectly on this week's theme with shots of apples and pears hanging heavy from trees, bowls full of freshly picked blackberries and bales of hay lying in countryside fields.

Donna Cassettari shared a beautiful picture of pears hanging from the tree of her garden in Witney. Though a simple shot, the extraordinary variance of the colour green is enough to draw an observer in to ponder it further.

Ms Cassettari was not the only one of our members to use fruit to capture the spirit of the season. Jim Jutton share a photo of a tomato harvest ripening in the sun in Yarnton.

Once again, it is the spectrum of colour in Mr Jutton's picture that belies its appeal. Ranging from green to red, the tomatoes seem to illustrate an entire process with a single image.

Another classic but striking photograph was caught by Peter Silver who took shot a bale of hay in a field near Fringford. It is simple, but effective, managing to convey the sense of harvest with a simple and well composed shot.

Bryan Robertson entered one of the more varied shots submitted for this week's theme, a wide-ranging collection including tomatoes, spring onions, radishes and more. It's enough to make anybody want to get in the garden and start growing their own veg.

Thanks to everyone else who sent us their beautiful pictures this week, they’re all up on the Facebook page to enjoy.

Next week's challenge will be 'time' – interpret it as you like and send us your creative photos on the subject.

Just a little reminder that when sending in pictures –- either via email to or posted on facebook – please provide caption them up so we know to use them in our spread!

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