THE UK’s information watchdog has upheld Thames Valley Police’s decision not to release uncensored photographs relating to the death of weapons inspector Dr David Kelly.

The Information Commissioner’s Office said the release would cause “significant distress” to the family of the scientist, whose body was found in woods at Harrowdown Hill, near his Southmoor home in 2003.

A member of the public requested all “uncensored, un-redacted and complete” photographs relating to his death under the Freedom of Information Act.

The force said it would not release the images as the act exempts information used for investigations and information which would “endanger the physical or mental health of any individual”.

The unnamed woman who made the request branded this “preposterous” and demanded a “written statement from Dr Kelly’s brother that he does not want these photographs released to the public”. The force said there had “already been a very public examination of the circumstances surrounding Dr David Kelly’s death”. The 2003 Hutton Inquiry found the 59-year-old died from blood loss after cutting his wrist with a knife.

The Information Commissioner found that releasing the images would case “significant distress” and could not be outweighed by the public interest.