FIFTEEN motorists were fined a total of £750 in a police crackdown near Berinsfield.

Officers stopped a total of 68 vehicles in one evening at three locations, the A4074 at Nuneham Courtenay, the A4074 at Ipsden and Shillingford and the A415 at Burcot.

One unsupervised learner driver was fined £60, had his vehicle confiscated and was charged a £150 recovery charge.

Five penalty notices were served for excessive speed, two for using a mobile phone while driving, four for defective or non-conforming exhausts, and two for illegal number plates.

The operation was instigated after residents in Berinsfield complained to police about motorcyclists on the A4074 driving too fast, anti-socially, and making excessive noise with their exhausts.

PC Ed Crofts, of the Roads Policing Department, said: “The vast majority of motorcyclists were found to be fully road legal however offences were detected with some drivers’ vehicles.

The operation took place last Monday.