BUDDING journalist Megan Lewis has made a big impression on her street, at just 14 years old.

Miss Lewis, of East Street, Osney Island, has dedicated evenings after school and weekends since March 2011 to producing a monthly community magazine for her neighbours.

Her magazine – East St. Echo – takes about three weeks to put together and is distributed to 34 neighbours.

The Year 10 Matthew Arnold School pupil started the magazine after being inspired by the Osney Island newsletter and her own ambitions to be an editor.

She said: “I started because there was this newsletter that had been around and I thought I could do something like it for my street. I asked my mum to come help with an idea for a name and I started from there.

“All the neighbours really like it and they all give me contributions and sometimes I go round and interview people.”

Each issue of the magazine includes interviews with neighbours, quizzes, poems and horoscopes and community figures submit contributions.

Miss Lewis, who is taking a break from producing the magazine while she begins her GCSEs , said: “I enjoy coming up with ideas and then designing the pages.

“I would like to be a magazine editor of a teenage girls’ magazine. I buy quite a lot of teenage magazines!”