• Looking for work in: Catering, bar work, retail or cleaning. Full or part-time work.
  • Skills and experience: Cleaning and catering experience. Eileen also has more than five years’ experience working in warehouses. Her duties included picking and packing books, handling machinery and she was also a cleaner and launderette assistant.
  • Qualifications: Five GCSEs including English and maths. In the process of completing a food hygiene course.

SINGLE mum-of-four Eileen Lavery left the world of full-time work to bring up her family.

The Didcot 47-year-old’s last job was working in a launderette part-time in 2007 – a position she held for five years.

Now her children Yasmine, 14, Joshua, 16, and Bradley Hammond, 17, and Connor Lavery, 19, are older, she is keen to find employment in catering or cleaning.

She said: “When I was working at the launderette, it got to the stage I was to having to take the kids with me, it was too much.

“It was costing more for me to take them with me than I was making.

“They are old enough to look after themselves now and I really need to get out and not be stuck in the house all the time.

“I just want to get out and go to work and meet people.”

Ms Lavery is keen to find an opportunity where she can use her previous work experience.

She added: “I am a good team player, friendly with customers and I’m honest and trustworthy.

“I am willing to learn and it would be great if I got a job.”