THE final blueprint for the future of Oxfordshire’s health and wellbeing has been put before the public by the county’s new health taskforce.

The Health and Wellbeing Board was set up earlier this year to improve the lifestyle, achievement and health of people in Oxfordshire.

The group – made up of health officials and county councillors – has given itself until 2016 to improve the county on a number of scores.

At a meeting on Wednesday the group outlined plans to get more children and young people to lead healthy, safe lives and to make sure adults have good access to health and social care services.

Among the targets for young people are plans to reduce emergency admissions to hospital for episodes of self-harm by five per cent year-on-year.

Aims for adults include ensuring people with long-term conditions, physical disability, learning disability or mental health problems are living independently and working where possible.

Dr Stephen Richards, chairman of the board, said: “Health and wellbeing in Oxfordshire is good overall, but we are determined to make it better.”