CAB drivers are like hairdressers and newsagents in being some of the most ‘in-the-know’ people in our community.

So it is a great idea for police to use them as their eyes and ears.

Taxi drivers often have a front-row view of any trouble, particularly late-night fights and loutish behaviour. Critics will say the police are slacking in their duties by trying to fob off responsibility on to untrained cabbies.

But the reality is that – even without budget cuts and other constraints on resources – police cannot be everywhere. And in these tough times, everyone needs to find ways of working smarter.

If the scheme is successful, and it is hard to see why it won’t be, the idea should be rolled out to the rest of Oxfordshire.

Yes, cabbies may not want the limelight, but in very few cases are they likely to get involved in something which will take them off the road for long.

It is the responsibility of us all to contribute to the fight against crime.

And, in the same vein, it will be to the benefit of us all if we can help tackle the troublemakers in society.