SATISFACTORY is no longer good enough.

That is the message Oxfordshire schools will hear when they face Ofsted inspections under the new framework, launched this week.

Up to now schools received one of four judgements, outstanding, good, satisfactory or inadequate, with inadequate schools issued with notices to improve or placed in special measures.

Now ‘requires improvement’ will replace the ‘satisfactory’ judgement and schools which receive the new grading will get support from Ofsted to drive standards until they meet the criteria to be judged ‘good’.

Oxfordshire County Council education cabinet member Melinda Tilley welcomed the new regime.

She said: “If you tell people they are satisfactory they assume everything is alright and I don’t think some of the ones that have been judged as satisfactory are alright. This new judgement will make people think a bit about what they need to do.”

Schools will also have less warning of inspections, being told inspectors are coming the afternoon before the visit.

Previously schools had between one and two days’ notice.

Her Majesty’s Chief Inspector Michael Wilshaw said: “I make no apology for introducing an inspection framework that raises expectations and focuses on the importance of teaching.

“The new short-notice inspections allow inspectors to see schools as they really are.”

The most recent figures, dating back to the end of March this year, show 63 per cent of Oxfordshire schools are rated outstanding or good.