SHOPKEEPERS in Oxfordshire have two years to shift their stock of traditional incandescent lightbulbs.

Four years ago the EU started moves to phase out the energy inefficient old-style bulbs.

In September 2009 the 100W bulb was banned followed by the 75W bulb in 2010 and the 60W last September.

From today, shops are banned from purchasing any old-style bulbs 40W and under, and the EU has given them two years to shift any stock.

Peter Hall, part-owner of M & A Electricals in Wantage, said: “Most people think, and I agree, energy efficient bulbs are rubbish.

“They cost more, but they don’t cost that much more to make, and they don’t do what they say on the box.

“Traditional bulbs are made to a better quality, and we will be selling them as long as we legally can, we have got quite a few in stock.”

Shops are still allowed to sell traditional bulbs for “industrial” use.

The European legislation only restricts the sale of incandescent bulbs for domestic use.

Stuart Silvester, a partner at Silvester’s Stores on Magdalen Road, East Oxford, said: “People don’t like the new bulbs. One of the big stumbling blocks is that you can’t dim a lot of them.

“When they banned 100W bulbs it just went crazy, we sold 1,700 in a month compared to 100 as usual.”