Police hunting for missing 12-year-old Tia Sharp have found a body at her grandmother's house.

Scotland Yard said a murder inquiry had been launched after the discovery "following a search of the property this afternoon".

Banbury Cake: Missing Tia Sharp was wearing glasses and a yellow top when she was last seen in south-east London (Metropolitan Police/PA)

  • Tia Sharp

Police also said they were searching for Tia's grandmother's partner Stuart Hazell and warned the public not to approach him.

A spokesman said: "We are seeking to find Stuart Hazell to be interviewed in connection with this case.

"He should not be approached and if seen people should call 999 immediately. There have been no arrests in connection with this investigation at this time.

"The family of Tia Sharp has been informed of the discovery."

Banbury Cake: Stuart Hazell, 37, the partner of Christine Sharp, grandmother of missing Tia Sharp, has been questioned by police as a witness in the case

  • Stuart Hazell

Local residents, who had congregated near the scene during the day, grew in number as news broke of the body's discovery.

They expressed their horror at the news.

Alston Millington, 32, said: "Personally, I was hoping she had a bit of trouble at home and had run off, rebelling against the family maybe. I was hoping she would be found somewhere with somebody.

"It is very hard to get out of Addington without being seen in either a car, tram or bus.

"It is such sad news. I live just around the corner and can't believe it. I think it's disgusting. Everybody around here knew she wasn't far from the house. It makes me sick."