SCHOOLS across Oxfordshire are being offered the chance to take part in a live science experiment, and practise their gardening skills to boot.

Last year the Yarnton based Edina Trust worked with three primary schools in Oxfordshire and 11 more across England, Scotland and Wales on a climate change study called the Bulb Project.

After the pilot project, which included work in Stanford in the Vale, Hill View in Banbury and Harwell primary schools, the charity is extending the scheme to 12 county schools, and 38 in Lancashire, Fife and Midlothian.

Schools are given daffodil and crocus bulbs to plant in pots and in the ground on the same day across the country, then children record temperature and rainfall each day until the bulbs flower.

Schools taking part are Rose Hill, St Nicholas, Windale, Windmill, Larkrise and SS Philip and James in Oxford, Ladygrove Park and Manor in Didcot, Northbourne in Abingdon and RAF Benson , along with Stanford in the Vale and Harwell. The bulbs will be planted in October on a date to be fixed.

Tanya Gujral, of the Edina Trust, said: “The children will feel they are part of a live experiment and it’s actually something that’s relevant to them which they can see happening in front of them.”