AN UNUSUAL sight is greeting visitors to Cogges Manor Farm in Witney.

Three fluffy, newborn ducklings are being led around the site by their proud foster mum, a hen named Ping Pong.

The three ducklings, named Rubber Ducky, Crispy Ducky and Peking Ducky, were born on Saturday but their mother did not want to sit on their eggs.

Ping Pong has stepped in ever since and has even begun teaching the newborns what they can and cannot eat.

Animal volunteer Val Lee, pictured with the ducklings and the hen, said: “It is very exciting and it is a great draw for Cogges.”

Director Colin Shone said: “We are feeling a bit like proud grandparents at the moment.”

The ducklings are the first to be hatched at Cogges, which has previously had newborn sheep and bantam hens at the site.

Picture: OX53595 Jon Lewis