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[deleted] 8:06pm Fri 27 Jul 12
Score: 0
red37red 8:53am Sat 28 Jul 12
knock it all down and let l&q build the biggest ghetto in london on it
Score: 0
MsMooseGirl 9:33am Sat 28 Jul 12
It was a stunning show by all involved I never thought the UK could pull something like this off for the opening ceremony it was simply amazing! Loved the Olympic Rings raised into the sky during the Industrial Revolution and the James Bond film with the Queen, although the Corgis did it for me as well! The lighting of the flame was incredible; a fantastic idea to allow upcoming athletics to be involved in lighting it and the design with the copper kettles was original and worked!

Mr Bean and the orchestra had me in stitches!

The whole show was thoroughly planned and involved people from all lifestyles with varying different backgrounds, so there was (I hope) something everyone could relate to and enjoy!

Perhaps the only spoiler was Paul McCartney at the end and his error with his backing track and singing, but these things happen!

P.S Can we have trampoline beds at the Royal Bolton Hospital?
Score: 0
berushka 9:44am Mon 30 Jul 12
Boring and of no interest to anyone who does not know the history of Britain, or does not have a good command of the English language, i.e. 90% of the viewing public. Far too much meaningless music, with those kids dancing about the stage, and the choice of music throughout was poor; Paul McCartney is not the greatest attraction as he thinks he is, and surely Britain could have come up with someone more entertaining. The Mr Bean could have been funny, but it did spoil a serious attempt to bring classical music into the show, I am not sure it was the correct way to treat the famous conductor, nor the professional musicians. Even Her Majesty the Queen showed signs of being a little tedious. Not a very good effort.
Score: 0

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