OSCAR Scott Towers is a unique child whose parents have a simple wish for him – to be able to walk to their local shop.

The John Watson School pupil, pictured left with mum Hazel Scott Towers, will need intensive physiotherapy to be able to walk and often goes to the Spirit Health Club in Oxford to swim.

On Saturday, the health club put on an activity weekend to raise money for his therapy. The eight-year-old was born with a number of medical conditions affecting everything from his mouth and ears to his legs and feet.

He is the only child known to have these medical problems and in his short life has had 17 operations and more than 1,500 medical appointments.

Mrs Scott Towers said: “Oscar will definitely walk one day and our dream is to see him walk to the corner shop in the next couple of years.

“He absolutely loves swimming and the water is a real equaliser. It is the only time he can be completely independent.

“It is very humbling that the centre would go to this much trouble for us.”