Residents in Abingdon are hoping there will be bun throwing to celebrate the marriage of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.

Some people in the town are considering the possibility that it might be more appropriate to chuck doughnuts off the roof of Abingdon County Hall Museum as Ms Markle is American.

But they are certainly chewing over the possibility that the ancient tradition could be revived to celebrate the wedding in the spring, after the couple announced their engagement at Kensington Palace.

Town council leader Mike Badcock said: "We haven't ruled it out - town councillors will discuss it."

Ever since the 1761 coronation of King George III, Abingdon has marked major royal occasions by hurling hundreds of buns off the roof of its County Hall to crowds in the Market Place opposite.

A bun throwing was held in in 2011 for the marriage of Prince William and Kate Middleton.

Buns were also launched in June, 2012, to celebrate the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee.

Mr Badcock added: "While there was a bun throwing to celebrate the wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton it could be a bit different with Prince Harry - he is fifth in line to the throne.

"There was a public holiday for Prince William but so far it looks like there won't be one for Prince Harry's wedding.

"At the moment the wedding is expected to be in the spring but if it was later on in the year, say June, then we could have the bun throwing in the evening.

"I'm a big fan of bun throwing and people in the town like it."

Mr Badcock said the town council would be guided by Buckingham Palace on whether it would be appropriate to stage bun throwing to celebrate the Royal wedding in 2018.