THE 'Oriental surprise', the 'Spider Flower', the 'Spice Blast' and the 'Wheat Harvest'.

No, they're not the latest dishes at Oli's Thai – these are the bizarre names of some of the thousands of fantastic fireworks which exploded over Oxfordshire this weekend and which our clever camera club members captured in spectacular fashion.

Among the beautiful local displays were at Didcot Town Football Club, photographed by Geoffrey Hill, rockets over St Nicolas' Church in Abingdon by Robert McQueen and a city show right next door to the Oxford Mail offices photographed by Ian Marriott.

Others went slightly further afield: Ben Adams sent in a stunning sequence from Roundhay Park in Leeds, one of which we've shared here, while Donna Cassettari delved into the archive to find a corker she snapped at a Bournemouth camp site a few years ago.

Then there are the sparklers.

Dawn Tivnan and Becca Collacott both sent cracking close-ups of fizzing sparklers in perfect focus.

Marie Preston went one stepped further and roped her daughter Deanna into this pyrotechnic portrait at a family event in Wales.

Ian White, meanwhile, looks like he might have singed a few eyebrow hairs with this extreme close-up of a friend's bonfire in Eynsham.

He said: "I quickly came to the conclusion that getting a decent shot of fireworks is very difficult with the knowledge that I have, so I looked for the alternative shot."

Shot of the week, however, might well have to go to clever-clogs Anthony Morris for his extraordinary long-exposure shot.

Mr Morris, who lives in Farmoor, roped some sparkling friends at his daughter's house in Didcot into spelling out the word 'love' with a little heart at the end.

Safe to say, we do love it!

Just a quick reminder: while we love seeing all your photos, we love it even more if you can say where you took them and who your subjects are if they're people pics.

We would also love it if the photos are as recent as possible.

Onto next week: with the seasonal fun over, we thought we'd move onto something slightly more challenging.

That's why next week's theme is – the colour blue.

If we're lucky we might get a few blue skies over the next week, and possibly some reflections in lakes and streams, but apart from that we're hoping there aren't any obvious subjects, so use your imagination!

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