A 91-YEAR-OLD man was dragged from his burning bungalow by a neighbour.

The elderly man, of Crown Lane, Benson, whose full name has not been released, suffered burns to his face and legs.

Fire crews from Wallingford and Didcot were called to reports of a house blaze at around 11.30am on Friday with two more fire engines from Abingdon and Slade Park Oxford also attending to put out the flames.

Patrick Swain, 49, was outside his home, also on Crown Lane, when a courier delivering a parcel told him the house was on fire.

He said: “I rushed over and saw the front door was already open so I called out for my neighbour Bill.

“He answered that he needed help pulling out a mattress so I dragged him out of the house.

“It’s a good job he was able to respond and was so close to me because I wouldn’t have gone in if I hadn’t been able to see him, it would have been too dangerous.”

The chef, who has been neighbours with the man for 40 years, said: “Another thirty seconds and he would have been dead from the smoke inhalation.

“The heat was immense and his hair was all singed and his face burnt.”

Eight firefighters wearing breathing equipment used four hoses to bring the blaze under control and prevent it spreading to the attached garage and neighbouring property. 

The cause of the fire is currently under investigation.

Station Manager Darran Hookway said: “The male occupant was alerted to the fire because he heard his smoke alarm sounding.

“Unfortunately, during his escape he suffered burns to his face and legs and also suffered smoke inhalation.”

The man was treated at the scene by paramedics before being taken to hospital.

Mr Hookway added: “The fire in the property involved all rooms and the roof and spread throughout the structure very quickly.

“I would urge members of the public to always get out, stay out and call the Fire and Rescue Service out if faced with a fire in their property.”