I KNOW it's supposed to be a camera club, but this week I feel like we're going to have to hand out awards for pumpkin carving, scary costumes and baking.

We could easily have filled this week's entire spread with pumpkin pics alone, but instead we've chosen a few of our favourites.

Easily one of the best is Michelle Barber's Cinderella carriage-themed triptych, sensitively lit and beautifully photographed.

Ann Faulkner's daughter gets just as much credit for her Beauty and the Beast trio – as does Donna Cassettari's grandson for his little pumpkin patch.

Is there some rule about having three pumpkins we don't know about?

Either way Steve Clarke settled for two in his amazingly-carved and well-photographed 'Big cannibal pumpkin eats little pumpkin'.

Michelle Barber gets a second mention this week for her pumpkin-shaped cakes while Katerina Spanchak twisted the tradition even more with this Lego model.

Bryan Robertson gets a very slow clap for his ever-so-clever 'Pumpkin pi'...

Moving onto the fancy-dress round, we were again spoilt for choice.

Alan Coleman gets points for costume and photography in his shot of 'Lily and Josh going off to scare'; Ann Faulkner's zombie prom queen also gets bonus points for her undead pose.

Becca Collacott's shot of her eldest son Tyler, moments after being attacked by a fiendish werewolf, is just slightly disconcerting, but not as much as Michael Nottage's portrait of his Pug 'Honey' wearing a blood-stained wedding dress in a pumpkin patch: too far, Michael.

Christian Barrett, meanwhile, didn't even need a costume to take this ghostly self-portrait in the dark, and definitely produced one of the best piece of actual photography this week!

For next week's theme we are very much staying seasonal – fireworks night!

If you're able to get some decent shots of the explosions in the sky we would be very impressed, but we would also love to see bonfires, sparklers and toffee apples.

Happy snapping – and don't let the camera get too near the explosives.

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