FOOTBALL fans will be segregated in tonight's Banbury United vs Hereford match following police advice.

Crowds will be split at the Banbury grounds, in a rare move for the non-league club.

A statement on Banbury United's website said: "This decision was not taken lightly but was agreed by the board after meeting with Thames Valley Police; they strongly advised us that this should be implemented.

"We know that this decision will not be popular with some of our loyal supporters.

"Please rest assured we spent a long time looking at other ways to have a segregated area but with the layout of the ground as it is we just cannot provide this and the required ancillary facilities in any other way."

In March chaos broke out at a Didcot Town match against Hereford, after a pitch invasion led to the game being abandoned.

Banbury United have not said if police officers' advice was related to this incident. 

Fans have posted comments about the segregation on the Banbury United Unofficial Forum, with one person deeming it 'absolutely pathetic'. 

Another complained that their end has no cover and they could be soaked if it rains. 

But others defended the club, with one fan writing: "Whilst crowd segregation is totally alien to us, in this case it is probably needed.

"Hereford has a large following and it wouldn't be unfair to say that we could be outnumbered...the last thing we want is a possible minority kicking off and causing us to be brought up in front of the FA."

Banbury United has advised fans: "Hereford supporters should use the Town End car park and turnstiles and will have access to the Town End and the end block of seats in the covered stand.

"Banbury supporters should use the Clubhouse car park, enter the ground by the Clubhouse turnstiles and will have access to the rest of the ground including the Clubhouse."