A CHINESE takeaway has been slammed for leaving duck and pork on the floor and only washing cloths once a week.

Bamboo Garden in Banbury was given the lowest possible score by hygiene inspectors and ordered to make a number of immediate improvements.

Management have since made 'significant' improvements and could score a higher rating following a pending revisit.

During the first visit in August, inspectors found rice, duck and pork being stored open on the kitchen floor and re-usable cloths being washed just once a week.

Food containers were also cracked and dirty sparking fears of chemical and microbiological contamination.

Dirty surfaces and mould by the sink added to the list of problems and led to the zero score.

Officers said there were grounds for formal action but instead offered the services of the council's commercial and business support team, which has since helped management turn things around.

The inspectors said: "Cleaning at the premises was poor and significant improvement is needed to the cleaning throughout the premises.

"This includes equipment such as the gas hob and hot holding unit, hand contact surfaces and the structure of the kitchen - floors, walls and ceilings."

The restaurant was given a 'poor' rating when it came to food hygiene and safety and 'bad' - the worst possible rating - when it came to structural compliance.

Inspectors also had 'little' confidence in management, which is based on track record and how likely staff were to improve standards.

They also took issue with storage areas and reported mould at the premises.

They said: "Storage arrangements at the premises were poor with food being stored on the floor, making cleaning and pest control checks very difficult.

"The sealant to the double sink was mouldy - you must remove the mouldy sealant, clean and disinfect the area and apply a new sealant."

After checking up on the takeaway last month inspectors noted significant improvements and that the thorough clean of the premises was ongoing.

Bamboo Garden could not be reached for comment.