A CHICKENPOX vaccination service is being offered by a high street retailer with branches across Oxfordshire for the first time.

Three Superdrug stores in Oxford, Bicester and Banbury are now providing the jab to protect people of all ages from the highly contagious virus, which is currently only available on the NHS for people who are particularly vulnerable.

Chickenpox is very common among primary school-age children but can be caught by adults and teenagers, when symptoms tend to be much worse and can lead to long-term complications such as pneumonia.
Patients with an impaired immune system such as those with HIV or pregnant women are the most at risk.

The Superdrug vaccination is available at £65 per dose with two doses four to eight weeks apart are recommended for heightened protection, although nine out of 10 children vaccinated with a single dose will be immune.

Nicola Hart, head of healthcare services at superdrug added, “We’re delighted to be the first high street retailer to offer a vaccination service against one of the most common childhood illnesses; chickenpox. 

“Its availability at our nurse clinics and pharmacies across the UK enables customers to have their vaccination at a convenient high street location.”

 Vaccinations are provided by trained pharmacists and nurses in private consultation rooms after an in-depth consultation.

To book visit tinyurl.com/yaw6fhno or call 03331 223 523.