FANCY frocks, dodgy dancing and some hilarious headgear: so this is what the Oxford Mail Camera Club looks like on a big night out.

Having said that, there are also some beautiful photographs here, capturing quirky moments that others might miss.

Take Lesley Adams' shot, for example, of a hall decked out for a classy dinner dance: the tables are laid, everything is ready to go, but the guests are missing.

Lesley has beautifully captured that pregnant pause before the festivities begin.

Donna Cassettari's bottle of champagne and two glasses also encapsulates that air of anticipation, as does Lesley Murray's very atmospheric shot of the Ritz, which she captioned: "Poshest night on the tiles I've ever had."

Fashion fireworks and faux pas were shown off in all their glory by Becca Collacott, Lesley Adams (again), Marie Barnett Comley and Steve Clarke – though we'll let you decide which are which.

Becca, Donna, Lesley and Michelle Barber all sent in shots of the party in full-swing, while Diane Braggs submitted this charming shot of two revellers coming to terms with 'the morning after'.

And what would a camera club spread be without John Percival's unique interpretation of 'a knight on the tiles'.

Just a reminder that the Oxford Mail Camera Club is sponsored by Jessops who are offering members discounts of up to 30 per cent on a range of products and services at their shops in Oxford, Didcot and Heyford Hill.

Our members also automatically qualify for an Oxford Mail Loyalty Card, and, of course, there is the £25 prize each week for our favourite photo (not to mention the fame and glory).

Next week's theme has again been inspired by you: Jeff Higgs sent in some absolutely cracking pictures of the new wolf cubs and Cotswold Wildlife Park which were so good we gave them a space of their own in Thursday's Oxford Mail.

Therefore, for this week's theme we are giving you a nice broad target: All Creatures Great and Small.

Cats and dogs are acceptable, and the tropical beasts at the zoo are always fun, but we'd really love to see what you can discover by exploring the local countryside.

The Oxford Mail does not take any responsibility for accidents incurred whilst exploring.

Happy snapping.