A WARNING has been issued by firefighters after tackling a kitchen blaze started by a tumble dryer.

Crews were called to the house in Bath Road, Banbury, at about 9.30pm on Sunday.

Two fire engines were sent to the scene and the family had left the house after smelling smoke and then seeing it billowing from the tumble dryer.

Firefighters removed the tumble dryer and put the fire out.

Banbury Fire station incident commander crew manager Mike Aspinall said: “Due to the prompt and effective action by the residents of identifying the fire, calling the emergency services and making sure all the family was out of the house, nobody was injured during this incident.

“The tumble dryer was quickly removed and dealt with outside causing no damage to the property.

“I urge people to take extra care when using a tumble dryer as there has been a spate of tumble dryer fires across the UK in recent months.”

It comes just a week after crews tackled a washing machine fire in Kingsmere, Bicester, which completely gutted the kitchen.

Oxfordshire fire and Rescue have put out a list of tips on electrical safety 365alive.co.uk/cms/content/electrical-safety