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As it happened: Oxfordshire reacts as PM calls for General Election in June

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Banbury Cake: Photograph of the Author

Matt Oliver, Chief reporter, call me on 01865 425498

    - Prime Minister calls for a General Election on June 8
  • - Theresa May had previously rejected calls for early vote
  • - PM says election is 'in the national interest'
  • - Labour figures accuse her of putting party first
  • - MPs must vote on whether election goes ahead


yabbadabbadoo256 11:39am Tue 18 Apr 17
After this the Labour party will be the same size as the Lib Dems are now, The Tory majority will be huge! clever move Mrs May, well done! Of course Labour and the Lib dems won't vote for it though as it will see them consigned to history, the Tory majority should see it thru tho

Last edited: 5:56pm Tue 18 Apr 17

Score: 4
DOXJ Replying yabbadabbadoo256 11:58am Tue 18 Apr 17
You need 2/3 of MPs to vote it through Tory majority isn't enough. Lib Dem and SNP will be up for it, Labour will reluctantly agree.
Score: 2
sevenspoons Replying yabbadabbadoo256 5:39pm Tue 18 Apr 17
Unpopularity is not enough to consign a party to history. The Tory's were very unpopular for years. But sooner or later people forget the crimes of the past and vote tactically. Or get seduced by a "new face". But both Labour and Conservative are completely rotten at core.

Last edited: 5:41pm Tue 18 Apr 17

Score: 0
DOXJ 12:01pm Tue 18 Apr 17
Time to show Maggie May hard Brexit isn't inevitable. Let's show her how an arrogant and divisible Tory government is bad for this country and there are other options.
Score: 7
yabbadabbadoo256 Replying DOXJ 12:05pm Tue 18 Apr 17
Unlikely I'm afraid, if you look at the voter spread of the brexit voters, you will find if they vote tory Mrs May will get a majority that would make Thatcher's look tiny. Labour and the LibDems would get wiped out. She is not playing for Brexit here, she is playing to wipe out the Labour and LibDem's in Parliment to allow for a stronger negiotating hand. In this situation, with the EU negiotation, a strong unified Parliment is what needed, not a bunch of arguers. Labour have already stated they will vote against any deal no matter what it is, LibDems have also already stated they will do everything to hold it up. Do you honestly want these two parties playing with the countries future purely to score political points? If anything it would be these two parties that prevent an agreement being reached in two years, therefore creating the hard brexit themselves. Remember a hard brexit is only reached when neither party is able to reach agreement. For all the remainers out there I suggest you reread the Article 50 terms.

Last edited: 5:57pm Tue 18 Apr 17

Score: 7
Steve Smith 1980 Replying yabbadabbadoo256 1:30pm Tue 18 Apr 17
Your assuming that all the people who voted Brexit will vote Tory? Not a chance. Some might, but there are lost of working class labour voters who held their nose and sided with the Torys for the EU vote, but won't do so for a general election. More likely that people who would have voted Tory but are pro EU will go to the Lib Dems if they cannot stomach Labour and UKIP will siphon off a few votes from the Toryies, and there are many people with buyers remorse, hence the election, but very few remainers who have had a change of heart.
Score: 1
sevenspoons Replying yabbadabbadoo256 1:32pm Tue 18 Apr 17
So Tory infighting is preferable? The whole purpose of Parliment is to argue! It is a better than the alternative which is authoritarianism and violence.
Score: 1
[deleted] Replying DOXJ 2:30pm Tue 18 Apr 17
Score: 0
Cowley Chip Shop 12:15pm Tue 18 Apr 17
UKIP will do well in Banbury. Nicola Blackwood will lose her seat. Otherwise no changes.
Score: 3
Vocman Replying Cowley Chip Shop 12:48pm Tue 18 Apr 17
Thank you Old Moore. Save any other wild predictions for your almanac.
Score: 1
Manners Maketh Man Replying Cowley Chip Shop 1:32pm Tue 18 Apr 17
Why would an excellent MP lose her seat?
Score: 2
Cowley Chip Shop Replying Manners Maketh Man 4:33pm Tue 18 Apr 17
She's a good MP I agree. But she is vulnerable to a libdem swing, that's all
Score: 1
DOXJ Replying Cowley Chip Shop 1:36pm Tue 18 Apr 17
There might be more changes than you predict. Labour to Lib Dems in Oxford East with Andrew Smith probably not standing is one to watch. Can't see Banbury going UKIP even if they did vote leave. You're right Nicola Blackwood is at risk again to Lib Dem, probably because she has tried & failed on A34.
Score: 2
Squirrel15 Replying DOXJ 7:14am Wed 19 Apr 17
Not to mention her claim that she was going to sort out Abingdon's Traffic problems Sooner she is gone the better.
Score: 0
Andrew:Oxford 12:59pm Tue 18 Apr 17
Perhaps it would be best for the country if the parties that didn't rank 1st, 2nd or 3rd in a particular ward at the last General Election don't run a candidate this time? It's time for decisiveness, not a protest vote.
Score: 3
BogoffOCC Replying Andrew:Oxford 4:46am Wed 19 Apr 17
In other words screw democracy? No mandate / NO DEAL !! June will be the END of May, just like her lame predecessor their arrogance will always be their undoing ...
Score: 1
Steve Smith 1980 1:33pm Tue 18 Apr 17
Let's see what happens in West Oxfordshire. Cameron dumped us like a bad smell when he lost the Brexit vote, putting his party above those who voted for him, then we got our district councillor as our MP who continues to hold both jobs. The slightest sniff of power and he is off to Westminster without a second thought, and leaving us effectively with no representation locally, or is being an MP so easy he can do both jobs?
Score: 6
DOXJ Replying Steve Smith 1980 1:44pm Tue 18 Apr 17
If the people of West Oxfordshire want some local representative they would do well and actually vote for someone on their policies and not just on the party, anything in blue seems to go there and the Tories know it. Voting a Brexiteer as a replacement for David Cameron they must have been laughing all the way to parliament.
Score: 4
BogoffOCC Replying DOXJ 4:48am Wed 19 Apr 17
Which is why Robot Courts will have his work cut out to stay Witney MP. Guy is a joke and a very bad one too.
Score: 0
shaggydog 1:53pm Tue 18 Apr 17
This woman cannot be trusted. Just three months ago she said there will be no snap election and it will be 2020 before the next election. Typical two faced Tory snob.
Score: 1
[deleted] 2:11pm Tue 18 Apr 17
Score: 0
norton manor 4:00pm Tue 18 Apr 17
Thanks Mrs may that's buggered my birthday celebrations up, a bit selfish of you
Score: 0
DOXJ Replying norton manor 5:20pm Tue 18 Apr 17
If it means we get a softer Brexit I'll celebrate for you.
Score: 0
Fringe 4:49pm Tue 18 Apr 17
There will no negotiations of any substance when we leave the EU. We will be given a deal and it is likely to be harsh. We have nothing in our hand or up our sleeve to bargain with. The election is our chance to reverse Brexit.
Score: 2
andy1975 Replying Fringe 9:37am Wed 19 Apr 17
Reversing Brexit is not the answer as much as I would personally like to. The people voted to leave. What we should do is make the necessary compromises to retain single market access and close ties.
Score: 0
OxBoat 1:07am Wed 19 Apr 17
Call me cynical, but there might be other reasons for the sudden decision to go for a snap election. #toryelectionfraud http://www.electionexpenses.co.uk/

Last edited: 4:32am Wed 19 Apr 17

Score: 2
BogoffOCC Replying OxBoat 4:38am Wed 19 Apr 17
Crooked Tories? Really? Never !! ROTFL - they will always be self-serving and have no barometer of acceptance when it comes to illegal and shady dealings.? Nasty party by name and by nature.
Score: 1
BogoffOCC 4:35am Wed 19 Apr 17
May and the nasty party have mis-calculated here due to arrogance and a false belief that they have the backing of this country. She and they don't. Tory policies are both divisive and nasty, the electorate have woken up and this election will not just be about Brexit, it will also focus on tax cuts for the rich, a broken housing market, huge cuts to public services, failing education plans and the complete breakdown of local input to democracy. June will and should be the END OF MAY !!
Score: 1
andy1975 Replying BogoffOCC 10:26am Wed 19 Apr 17
I'd love to believe you, but while there are probably more people who oppose the Tories than support them, the opposition is going to be quite evenly split between the other 3 main parties giving the Tories a huge margin. Unfortunately large numbers of comfortably off middle ground voters vote selfishly for them because they are doing OK.
Score: 0

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