More than 93 per cent of children have got into their first choice of primary school across Oxfordshire - an increase on last year.

Fewer children than ever before failed to get any of their preferred schools as application dropped from 7,600 in 2016 to 7,312 this year. 

Parents of those entering primary or nursery school in September will be told which of their choices have been successful.

Oxfordshire County Council revealed that 93.68 per cent of children have received an offer from their first-choice primary school - up from 91.51 per cent in 2016 and 88.04 in 2015.

With fewer applications this year and an increased percentage of first-choice offers, just 78 children have not received offers from any of their preferred schools. 

Last year 148 missed out and in 2015 320 were left without any of their preferences. 

The council's schools organisation and planning manager, Roy Leach, said: “Through our school place planning work we are continuing to ensure that local school places are available for every Oxfordshire child who needs one.

"Oxfordshire has a strong record in this area and we are continuing to work in close partnership with all schools, including academies, to plan for changing demand and to ensure that families can continue to access good schools for their children.”

Emails will be sent to parents - who applied online - between 4am and midnight today from Oxfordshire County Council letting them know which school their child will attend.

Did you get the place you hoped for? Are you disappointed with the council's decision? 

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